I came into the French Bulldog 10 years ago after loosing my beloved childhood friend of 17 years a Chinese Pug named "Pug" (a choice name that seemed appropriate when I was 5 years old:). I loved the funny little flat face and devotion of the pug but didn't want to "replace" my friend. So a new breed of similar character was the answer and boy was I hooked!

     Breeding was something I decided on later as it is something I have been around my whole life, and was something I enjoy doing, researching, studying and putting my extra time into. The French Bulldog was the perfect breed, one that I love and always seem to go to loving happy homes. Its a wonderful experience for me to match a family with a little flat-faced furry bundle of joy that will bring them unconditional love and laughter for many years! 

     Puddin' is my second French Bulldog and my best little buddy! As you can imagine, she is spoiled rotten! Yes, she lives in the house. Yes, she sleeps in my bed. Yes, she goes with me everywhere that has air-condition! But she is my perfect companion, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

     Though we have had wonderful experiences with the Frenchies in our life, I do highly recommend that YOU do your research before you purchase a French bulldog. They are high maintenance little dogs and usually require special treatment (and they expect it too!) I can surely answer questions you may have, but please, do your research. Thank you.

     We are a small Family of hobby French Bulldog breeders located in the beautiful countryside of Sulphur, Oklahoma. Coming from a long line of farmers, cattle ranchers, horse trainers and breeders, it is simple; animals have always been a beloved priority in our way of life. We work very hard to provide the absolute best for our four-legged family members! (In fact, I bought my ranch because I loved the barn! Not the house, the BARN!. I just don't know what I would do without a good horse and a good dog in my life.)

     On our 20 acres, you will find that we are not just limited to a beautifully marked or exotic colored French bulldog, but our hearts are open to critters of all shapes and sizes! We have everything from Hall of Fame bred Quarter Horses to rescued , re-homed, and rehab'd  mix breed mutts and purebred dogs! SO yes, though we do have a keen eye for a well bred, perfect confirmation, colorful beauty.......... our Hearts are Wild.... we love them all!

     That being said, additionally, we are very responsible animal owners. All of our animals are fed with the best quality food, vaccinated, cleaned, groomed, loved, hugged  and treated for fleas, flies and pest regularly. All have their very own warm soft bedding to sleep (some share with us) and pretty much run the ranch freely during the day! Finally, all of our loving pets that are acquired and never intended to breed are spayed, neutered, gelded etc... Those who we do breed are very selectively chosen. And will live out their entire lives here with us as part of our family. Thank you for your time, please enjoy our website.

                                                                                                                                             -Nikki Jo Watkins

                                                                                                                                    Wildheart French Bulldogs


Puddin' (6 mo old) helping us paint :/

   Gypsy snuck in a kiss on our Selfie!

Nothin' better than a trip to home depot!

Yeah... Ruff life....

​​​​Wild Heart French Bulldogs

     Our puppies are born in the comfort of our home and are under constant supervision for at least the first 3 weeks of their life. We even hire a nanny to come in on days that we must to go to work. They are watched and monitored daily to ensure that they are growing up happy and healthy! We start potty training on day one and by two weeks old they have learned to use only the pads and keep their play area and bedding clean! Pups are also groomed and toenails trimmed weekly. We feed only top quality starter and puppy food to pups and momma while she is pregnant and nursing. When pups are of age they are seen by our wonderful veterinarian regularly for health and wellness checks, vaccines, de-worming and regular vet care.  As long as they are with us, they remain in the comfort of our air conditioned home where they receive love and kisses hourly! Trips are made outside during the good weather of the day to learn, play, and explore!

Please contact us if you are interested in one of our puppies!